Tokens of Appreciation

These NFTs can be found on he Cardano blockchain. These have been minted by the Behemoth pool to recognize outstanding individuals or entities in the community and who have directly supported our endeavor.

Return of the Whale

policy ID: 8b7d7a1dea6409589dddae27a8cae3b770371f1fa7e42410ef5d5966

Metadata: Description: A champion, a colossal beast, defender of the people. Alone hero bringing light amongst the tribes. Path of a hero is rough and jagged, staying on the course is not always easy, yet always worth treading. This is Cardano Whale. Origin: Materialized into existence by BHMT to welcome the Whale back

This NFT was minted and given to @cardanowhale to show appreciation for all to good he/she has done to promote Cardano by using facts.

Odin’s Favour

policy ID: 5ad4b588ea5794385c4826b31e88b47e7e762f5d0d344f2c55ca08d9

Metadata: Collection: Godly recognition Description: The Brave shall feast in the Halls of Valhalla and the mead will be neverending! Favour granted: For the prayers by Behemothpool

This one off NFT was minted and given to Valhalla pool for promoting small pools to delegators.

Cosmic Pioneer

policy ID: 5ad4b588ea5794385c4826b31e88b47e7e762f5d0d344f2c55ca08d9

Description: Star Forge sets the path path for sustainable blockchain. When you utilize power from the sun and are connected by the satellites you are able to produce true space blocks. This is the way! OTG leads by example and you should follow the lead. Origin: Materialized into existence by BHMT from pure admiration.

This NFT was minted and given to Star Forge pool for developing the blockchain and all the technical help and troubleshooting OTG provides, not only to Behemothpool, but to several new other SPOs as well.

Cosmic Pioneer public sale

policy ID: 752d20731a3dccff3c148a5ed1a7b5610482889f91e7abcb1f356bc4

This set consists of 15 minted unique NFTs. All these NFTs grant an extra entry in BHMT giveaways if present in wallet delegated to BHMT (non-cumulative effect).

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