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The problem

It is not reasonable to develop new technologies whose shortcomings outweigh the benefits. It is not rational to consume nation-level quantities of energy to move around information.

The blockchain technology is amazing and has many truly beneficial applications including perhaps new solutions to yet unsolved old problems. To be truly implemented this technology must consider a bigger picture and not directly add to already existing problems.

Taking the decentralization idea from the blockchain technology and applying it to energy production, would see huge benefits in lower prices and improved service reliability. Yet there are no such project or even incentives to encourage people to set up such operations.

The solution

Cardano blockchain. Although limited list, but from all the blockchain project whitepapers I have read, the Cardano project stands out. The amount of work that had been set from the beginning was already immense. On top of that the current network community is creating solutions, indicating problems and again sorting them out. It is simply amazing! Still, one of the major properties that stood out from the rest was initially the good execution of the project, setting of milestones and relentlessly striving towards these goals. Many of the goals are now met and all with great quality. All this with scientific approach. Publication of a hundred peer-reviewed papers is no small feat! In a nut shell: Cardano project seems to identify existing problems, create solutions and develop tools and practices while doing so.

One of the problems faced has been, how to make the blockchain growth sustainable. As IOG is working on this problem, in the mean time, I can make the running of nodes sustainable by utilizing sustainable energy.

Behemothpool goal is to become the first household solar power plant, not only to harness solar energy to power the household, but to provide sustainable energy for the suburban community. Local energy has less loss due to transfer, is generated sustainably and can be provided at lower prices. With today’s technological solutions, all this can be reality!

At the current stage all energy used by the Behemoth staking pool is CO2-free. The infrastructure for utilization of solar energy is already in place. Thus Behemothpool aims to lead by example.

Part of Community

Behemothpool is participating in developing the Cardano ecosystem. As a member of Armada Alliance, we will produce tools for other community members. These tools range from tutorials and support in multiple languages to innovative development ideas and outright new functionalities and applications in and of the ecosystem.

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A Cardano stake pool located in Kaarina, Finland

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