Flora & Fauna CNFT

We will publish interesting (at least from our view) nature related artistic NFTs. Each set will consist of four different NFTs and from each set buyers will have a chance to win a random reward!

Set 01

Plants along with flying and crawling critters!

This set consists of four different NFTs and the buyer will randomly pull one of the four. There are 15 pcs of each NFT.

The sale is live on the easycnft.art FlashCNFTs ID: 765 To buy, simply click the PURCHASE button below

At the end of sale (when all pieces are sold out) there is a random selection between the NFTs and one random owner of each piece will receive the 12 ADA back!

If you get several of the same kind you can try to trade them at our Discord server: https://discord.gg/D4DBDAv6

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