Delegate your ADA to participate in the Cardano network and gain rewards

Delegating with the Behemothpool

Every delegated ADA is appreciated equally. If you are interested in taking part in our mission you can follow these simple steps and in the end earn rewards from the blockchain.

  1. INSTALL Cardano blockchain wallet app Nami, Daedalus or Yoroi
  2. Create a wallet in the app
  3. Transfer your ADA from a crypto exchange, such as Binance, into your new wallet
  4. Find the “Stake Pools” page in Daedalus or “Delegate” in Yoroi
  5. Filter the available stake pools by searching “BHMT”
  6. Click “Delegate”

Nami wallet users should go to Behemoth page, connect their wallet from the upper right wallet icon and click ‘JOIN’ icon in the upper right.

If you do not have a Binance account, you can register through this referral link

Pool cost plan

  1. A maximum of 0.1% margin until 50 blocks have been produced
    • All node rewards received are delegated through owner wallet to increase the pledge
  2. Margin increased to 0.5% at block 51
    • Pledge adjusted regularly until 30k pledge reached
  3. Margin locked at 1.0% at block 101
    • Most rewards are still delegated into the pool
    • Rewards can be collected to fund investments such as procurement and installation of solar panels, hardware updates etc.

Behemoth pool [BHMT]

A Cardano stake pool located in Kaarina, Finland

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