I, the operator

My name is Raine Toivonen, I am a husband, father of three and a project manager by profession and I run this stake pool out of Kaarina, Finland. Unfortunately I do not work in cyber security or IT, but instead have recently found a new hobby in coding and learning Linux. Setting up this Cardano stake pool was an excellent project to teach myself both.

The main reason I got interested in Cardano blockchain was the scientific approach to the project and the broader scope which aims tackle the shortcomings observed in other blockchain projects. Also, as a project manager professional I can deeply appreciate the delivery of milestones quality first, even if this means delays in the original timeline.

Behemoth, the pool

As described on the homepage my nodes are running on single board Raspberry Pi 4 computers. This approach enables low costs, which intended to be permanent feature of my pool. The Behemoth stake pool is deviced to advocate two goals: 1) advocating decentralization of the blockchain and 2) speak on behalf of sustainable energy forms. The first aspect is pretty simple as I have made myself a promise to keep operating only this single stake pool and not expanding in hopes of greater financial return. The second goal is more of a one mans desire to help the environment. It is also recognized that reaching this goal will require quite substantial investments in infrastructure. Specifically, purchase and installation of solar panels and inverters. Ultimately resulting in a Cardano stake pool, which runs on self sufficient solar energy. How COOL is that!?!

On top of the above the pool fees are kept as low as possible to generate the best possible return for all the delegators. And finally, for all the delegators, huge thank you for selecting Behemoth! Every ADA is appreciated!

(and yes it is actually me in the picture if you wondered 🙂 Photo by Juuso Raali)

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
Albert Einstein, Physicist

Behemoth pool [BHMT]

A Cardano stake pool located in Kaarina, Finland

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Telegram: t.me/behemothpool

Twitter: @behemothpool

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