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What is Behemothpool?

Behemothpool is a staking pool dedicated to promoting true decentralization of the Cardano blockchain. Our mission is to participate in the Cardano community and run the blockchain node with sustainable energy. In practice this means utilization of wind and solar energy to power the node hardware and ultimately build our own solar energy system.

Behemothpool is part of the Armada Alliance aiming to minimize the node energy consumption.

Single pool operator.

Dedicated to run only a single stake pool to promote the decentralization of the Cardano network. We want to see the blockchain healthy and secure in all aspects. Thus the Behemothpool fully shares the vision of the original developers.

Behemothpool is a proud member of the Single Pool Operator group at Adapools.

Forever low fees.

Because Behemoth stake pool does not utilize cloud computing services and only runs on Raspberry Pi hardware the running costs can be kept minimal. And the margin should never rise beyond 1.5 %.

Extra Rewards for Delegators!

NEW!!! Behemothpool now has 3-tiered bonus system! Delegators receive bonus rewards just for staking ADA with our pool. Amount of bonus received is based on the size of the delegation, higher stake earn higher bonus. First bonus, $PIGY tokens, are earned after 4 epochs. Second bonus, $THANK coin is received after 9 epochs and the third bonus, $IST is earned after 14 epoch delegation with the Behemothpool (more details on the Delagate page).

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan, Author

Sustainability is a key-word to remember. Everybody should get involved and contribute to brighter future by small day-to-day action.

With collaborative effort the task is not impossible, as it is true that from small streams form great rivers.

Node architecture

The Behemoth staking pool is built on single board Raspberry Pi computers. This is one feature allowing lower fees on our node.

Block producer node:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 B 8Gb
  • RAM: 8 Gb
  • Drive: Samsung 1 Tb
  • OS: Linux Ubuntu 21.04

Relay node1:

Relay node2:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 B 8Gb
  • RAM: 8 Gb
  • Drive: Samsung T7 500 Gb
  • OS: Linux Ubuntu 21.04
  • Raspberry Pi 4 B 8Gb
  • RAM: 8 Gb
  • Drive: Samsung T7 500 Gb
  • OS: Linux Ubuntu 21.04

Monitoring of the nodes is done through Prometheus/Grafana dashboards.


Please consider supporting the Behemoth stake pool, all donations are welcome and much appreciated.


Behemoth pool [BHMT]

A Cardano stake pool located in Kaarina, Finland

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